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Home Care Waukegan IL - Five Tasks for a Senior After an Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
Once a doctor diagnoses someone with Alzheimer's disease, there may be quite a bit of chaos. If the entire family can start working together to find solutions, life can feel a little less overwhelming. Sort out Who Will Be the Primary Caregiver It's helpful at this point to determine who the primary family caregiver will be, if there is someo... Read More »
Homecare Grayslake IL - Is It Possible to Appeal an Aid and Attendance Decision?
Waiting for six, eight, nine, or even 12 months to find out whether a veteran was approved for Aid and Attendance benefits to be used for homecare support is certainly going to be frustrating. However, the VA does offer reimbursement for homecare services provided while the application was pending, presuming the veteran will be approved for the ant... Read More »
Elderly Care Aurora IL - Six Factors that Affect Your Senior's Cognitive Health
Your senior's brain is the boss of her whole body's operational systems. If her brain isn't working well, lots of other systems are likely not working well, either. Smoking, Alcohol, and Other Vices Too much of anything is usually bad, but that is especially true when it comes to vices. Your elderly family member likely already knows all the ... Read More »
Home Care Services Elgin IL - Aging Veterans Shouldn’t Feel Forgotten
For a number of years in the 70's and 80's, veterans may have felt ‘forgotten.’  The Vietnam War was highly unpopular throughout the United States and the dissatisfaction and even anger people felt about that conflict, the things they witnessed on news programs, and even the stories that were spread around caused resentment and even anger that... Read More »
Elderly Care St. Charles IL - Depression and the Elderly - Do You Know What to Look For?
The CDC estimates that as much as 5 percent of the elderly population suffer from a major depression. The number is higher for those with a chronic health condition or Alzheimer's. Is your parent depressed? Do you even know what to look for? Depression Lasts for Weeks One of the key indicators of depression is that the symptoms go on for week... Read More »
Home Care Oak Park IL - VA Pensions That Help Veterans Rely on Home Care Aren’t as Complicated as They May Seem at First
Getting caught up in certain types of hysteria happen all the time. A news media outlet can begin sharing a breaking story and suddenly people are worried, rush to stores, clean out the shelves of water and other necessities, and even become hostile to one another. An aging veteran having difficulty taking care of himself at home is not likely to c... Read More »

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