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Senior Care Chicago Heights IL - What is the Best Way to Handle Aggression Due to Alzheimer’s Disease?
One of the most troubling aspects of being a caregiver for an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease is the behavior changes that occur as the disease progresses. This is especially true if the senior shows signs of aggression. Sometimes aggression occurs for no apparent reason and the person may lash out at family members or senior care provide... Read More »
Home Care Cicero IL - Aid and Attendance Benefit May Help a Veteran with Home Care Support
Not every veteran of the United States military is indigent. In fact, many veterans go on to lead productive lives, develop great skills, and have wonderful careers. Still, there are plenty of veterans who are also limited in their income. As veterans age, they might be relegated to a paltry pension, Social Security payments, and possibly even a di... Read More »
Caregiver Waukegan IL - Tips for Helping your Parent with Alzheimer’s Sleep
Scientist’s are not certain why those with Alzheimer’s often have sleep problems. It may be the changes taking place within their brain are affecting their sleep-wake cycle or the production of melatonin, a hormone important for getting to sleep and staying there. In extreme cases, those with Alzheimer’s may completely reverse their sleep pat... Read More »
Home Care Services Grayslake IL - Is There Any Point in Applying for Aid and Attendance?
It’s easy for people to make assumptions. When a person has an assumption, such as assuming a particular pension would not be for them, they often never look into it any further than that. Whether it’s for an aging veteran or somebody much younger, there are a number of pensions made available through the VA that could be beneficial in times of... Read More »
Elder Care Aurora IL - Coping with the Effects of Sundowning
For many, the close of a day and the descent of evening brings images of shared meals and quiet, relaxing moments. But for those that are facing some form of dementia, dusk brings shadows, increasing fatigue and a restlessness that causes angry outbursts, confusion and suspicion. In fact, it is such a common occurrence that it has a name: sundownin... Read More »
Home Care Elgin IL - Your Dad Passed Away, but Your Mom Needs Support: Some Veterans Pension Could Help
Your father served in the United States Army back in the Korean War. While he didn’t talk much about his time of service, you know he lost friends, but took a great deal of pride in his service. Since he passed away, your mother has been struggling with her own basic care and you wish you lived closer to help her out. You know she needs home c... Read More »

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