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November 19, 2018

Is Your Mom’s House Designed to Accommodate Aging in Place?

If you were elderly, chances are high that you’d want to stay in the home you’re in now. You know the layout, the neighbors, and nearby businesses. Your mom is likely to feel the same way. This is especially true of those with dementia. Aging in place is comforting because of the familiarity.

The good thing about aging in place is that little has to change. With help with daily elderly care routines, your mom won’t have to sell her house, move to a new area, or distance herself from a community she knows well. You may need to make a few home improvements.

Here are the home improvements you should consider.

Wider Doors and Hallways

Your mom may be perfectly mobile now, but what if something happens? Many homes have narrow hallways. If your mom has any 32-inch doorways, she’d find it hard to get a wheelchair or walker into that room.

Widening doors and hallways may require the expertise of a contractor. If the cost is too much, you may want to rethink the floor plan. See if there is a way to repurpose rooms. A den with an archway instead of a door would make a great bedroom for someone with limited mobility.

Entryway Lighting and Rails

There are two good reasons to make sure entryways are well-lit and have sturdy rails. One is that vision changes increase the risk of tripping and falling. The other is that many seniors are on prescription medications. Some medications cause lightheadedness, which increases the risk of a fall.

New light fixtures or brighter bulbs will help. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and don’t take time to brighten like CFL bulbs. Sturdy rails should extend all the way down the stairs. Some older homes have rails just on the landing, but the rails need to go all the way down to the end of the final step for best support.

Clutter-Free Paths

The most common paths in a house are from a main living area to the bathroom. Where does your mom spend most of her day? If she’s in a living room, look at the path she’d take to get to the bathroom. Do the same for the kitchen, bedroom, and entryway.

See what clutter is in the way. Are there furnishings that jut out and could get kicked in the rush to the toilet? Are bags and shoes in the way? Is a pet likely to lay in a hallway and only be noticed if the hallway light is on? All of these potential hazards should be addressed.

Those are a few areas on which to concentrate your cleaning and DIY skills. You can also keep your mom safe by hiring someone to assist with daily elderly care routines. Have an ederly care provider there to help carry laundry downstairs. Caregivers can support your mom while she stands up after a night’s sleep or sitting for a while. Call now to talk about how elderly care services could help her age in place.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Elderly Care Services in Chicago Heights IL, please contact the caring staff at Big Hearts Home Care today! 

Matthew Calcagno

Matthew is a graduate of Robert Morris College and is a U.S. Navy veteran.Matthew founded Big Hearts Home Care after over a decade at HP. Spending time volunteering at his grandparent’s senior center inspired him to make a bigger difference in the quality of care seniors receive.His grandfather whom turned 100 in 2015 is still a major inspiration to him in seeing that service is provided with a family focused touch.

It is his passion and commitment to providing quality service that has awarded Big Hearts Home Care as Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice in the Chicagoland area. He believes that being an independently owned and operated company allows him the flexibility to manage the business in a way that better serves the clients.


"Helping people is what I was meant to do; it inspires and motivates me," Calcagno said. "I also get to help veterans - assisting them in the VA pension process and providing care for several in the area. This is what I love to do."

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