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Home Care Berwyn IL - Five Tips for Managing Dementia Behaviors that Challenge You
Very often people with dementia can develop a set of behaviors that are downright confounding. These are commonly referred to as challenging behaviors and they're difficult to find a solution for at first. Always Start with Compassion It's hard to start from a space of compassion when you're frustrated by repetitive questions, wandering, and ... Read More »
Home Health Care Waukegan IL - What is Frontotemporal Dementia?
Frontotemporal dementia (FTD), which is sometimes called frontotemporal lobar degeneration, is a medical term used to describe a group of conditions that impact the brain’s frontal and temporal lobes. The frontal lobe is located behind the forehead. The temporal lobes are behind the ears. These areas of the brain help to control behavior, persona... Read More »
Home Care Services Aurora IL - 4 Reasons Physical Activity is Important for People with Dementia
When an older family member is diagnosed with dementia, it’s easy to focus on their cognitive health and forget about their physical health. After all, your chief focus may be on how to manage memory loss and what will happen when they cannot remember how to perform routine tasks like dressing and eating. However, just like everyone else, peop... Read More »
Home Health Care Elgin IL - What Kinds of Activities Does Stroke Rehab Involve?
Recovering from a stroke requires some work on the part of the stroke victim. Usually, the doctor will recommend that they attend stroke rehabilitation. What the rehab entails can vary depending on the severity of the stroke and which systems have been affected. However, having some idea what to expect can help family caregivers to prepare for the ... Read More »
Elder Care Berwyn IL - Tips to Help a Senior with Dementia to Stay Active
Physical activity, especially after you clear it with her doctor, is a great way to help your senior with dementia to have much better quality of life. These tips can help you both get the most out of exercise for her. Aim for Activity During the "Better" Part of her Day Your elderly family member is likely to have a specific portion of her d... Read More »
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    "Helping people is what I was meant to do; it inspires and motivates me," Calcagno said. "I also get to help veterans - assisting them in the VA pension process and providing care for several in the area. This is what I love to do."

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